Yogurt Labs raises funds from VC’s


Yogurt Labs raises funding from various investors recently. Yogurt Labs is mobile video production firm. The funding was done through convertible notes, which is an investment vehicle through which the investors delay establishing valuation until next round of funding.

The company provides original short video content which are accessible across mobile platforms. They have developed a readymade DIY platform for video creation and mobile technology that enables to create short videos from their smartphones. The platform is very intelligent that guides nuances to point the camera and also advises on the duration remained for a shot.

Yogurt Labs was founded in December 2014 by Shardul Mohite, Paramvir Singh, Vivek Parihar and Nishant Shrivasatava. The platform serves as a marketplace for hiring filmmakers and has a growing list of 45+ professionals.

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Shardul Mohite is the founder of the company and he has done his graduation in Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from University of Pune. He started his career as software engineer in 2003 at Anuva Technologies. He had coordinated with the US Clients for open source eco system, content management system, payment gateways and e commerce.

In 2007 he joined as Innovator in EnTrip where he worked on environment closely with CTO of the company. During 2009 he became Chief Executive Officer and Co Founder of Webonise Labs which he held till January 2013 for almost 4 years. The company focused on product development and life cycle engineering for mid size enterprises and early stage companies.  During 2013 he became Chief Operating Officers of the company where he instrumental in moving the office to larger location and setting up of US Office. During September 2014 he founded Yogurt Labs for which he’s Chief Executive Officer.

Yogurt Labs - Collage

Vivek Parihar is another co founder of Yogurt Labs. He has done graduation in Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Bharati Vidyapeeth in 2009. He was meritorious student has won several awards. To name few he was awarded best student of the year, best young entrepreneur of the year for Pune region, Best personality of the year and in sports he was the winner of City level Open Boxing Tournament in 2011. He is one of the Certified Scrummaster from Scrum Alliance.

He became Chief Technology Officer in 2008 for O2 Soft Solutions which he held for 23 months in Pune. He led a team of developers working on web development. In December 2010, he co founded Webonise Lab and Vice President Engineering in Ruby and DevOps. He managed working on Full Stack polyglot programmer and worked on Ruby Language and Rails Framework. He worked in the company till February 2015. Alternatively he was a member of Board of Studies in Bharati Vidyapeeth.

He is the Chief Technology Officer of Yogurt Labs and he handled strategic and planning, implementation and deployment along with operational management for the company.


On March 27, 2015 the company received $115.2K convertible notes from investors Nick Adams, Kiran Bhat and others.

Nick Adams is Managing Director of AME Cloud Ventures and he funds early stage investments. He has spent five years in India and China. He led business development for Cloud Valley and founded a web travel company and software services company. He has Masters in Engineering from Imperial College.

On the other hand Kiran Bhat is the author of ‘No Holy Cows in Business’ along with Family Pot Investments LLP, a fund set up by London based investors Devin Kohli and Grant Bergman.

There are several other players in the market who has similar business line like Qyuki ,Vliv and Culture Machine. All these companies are witnessing investments from several venture capitalists like Tiger Global, Zodius Capital and Times Internet Ltd.