Yello raises $5 million in Series B funding


Yello, the leading web and mobile recruitment platform has announced it securing $5 million in Series B round of funding led by The Argentum Group along with the existing investor First Analysis.


Founded in 2008, Yello gives the talent acquisition experience for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates similar. The whole process of collecting candidate information, marketing opportunities to the right talent, scheduling interviews and evaluating candidates has been autonomized through Yello. The platform offers greater flexibility, connectivity and accessibility throughout the recruitment process.

“We could not be more excited or thankful to our new and existing partners, current clients and staff for the traction we have gained in the talent acquisition community, and the success achieved thus far,” said Jason Weingarten, CEO of Yello. “This additional investment is confirmation that we have been — and will continue to be — on the right track, building a software solution that provides recruiting departments with true value through never before seen transparency and innovation.”

With the fresh funds, Yello plans to increase sales and expand marketing and engineering efforts in the USA and widen its presence globally. Further to the funding, co-founder and managing partner of Argentum Walter Barandiaran joined the Yello’s board of directors.

Barandiaran said, “Yello is truly an outstanding and innovative technology company, providing creative solutions to the recruitment marketing space. Argentum is pleased to have partnered with Yello’s founders, Jason and Dan, and provide them funding to scale operations and solidify the company’s position as the market leader in recruiting.”

“Yello has achieved significant acceleration of its annual recurring revenue in the last 12 months, validating our initial investment and leading us to continue our support,” said Corey Greendale, senior vice president at First Analysis. “Our confidence is furthered significantly by the fact that Yello’s customers are truly evangelists for its products, evidenced by contract renewals and the enthusiasm we witnessed at the company’s annual client conference.”