Yakuza Kiwami Review – Kamurocho is Back


One of the unexpected games that became a success is the Yakuza series, released by Sega. The Yakuza Kiwami is one of the game in the series which has been released as a crime action game. The game has been released in the Asian countries and it took 12 years for the game to be caught in North America

After the success achieved by the Yakuza 0, the series is now back with a brand new HD upgrade, Yakuza Kiwami, the update of the original game. The game is indeed a remake but fully blown with a lot of additional features. Yakuza Kiwami uses the same game engine as the Yakuza 0, which means that there are same load times, the same camera angles. Anyone who has played the Yakuza 0, the prequel of the game knows what you should be expecting from the game, however, it will detail the Kamurocho in elaborate detail.

It also has the same battle system like they Yakuza 0, which offers you three combat styles. A fourth style has been added, which is almost similar to how the Kiryu fight; but it will only be unlocked when Majima is dead. On a whole, this game is expected to have a greater release and greater fan base in a shorter time.