Yahoo Weather app alerts you about rain



Yahoo Weather app software for mobile is going to tell you about rain or snow before even it starts, as the company has rolled out the new update version 1.8 for iOS. This new feature of weather app will be very useful for the user, as it will notify you about the rain or snow 15 minutes prior to the start of raining, as this will give you enough time prepare for the unexpected.

Yahoo also tells that this feature is more accurate and the reason behind the more accurate result is its method used for determining the weather forecast. This app uses the barometric sensors in iPhones user to take the readings. You can also zoom in on some small areas, if you feel to do so. This new features of the weather app of yahoo is going to be useful, there are times when we gets stuck in the rain. So as this feature of app will alert you 15 minutes before the expected time of rain or snow, which gives you enough time to grab your umbrella, jacket or other protection objects.