Yahoo to host first mobile developers conference in 2015



Yahoo, today made an announcement that it is in plans to host its first ever mobile developers conference in 2015 after many of its competitors started hosting such events. It is going to be first developer conference held during the Yahoo history which aims for the developers to learn key insights.

The Sunnyvale headquartered company will hold an even to February 19 in San Francisco with up to 1000 participants. In this conference Yahoo’s mobile analytics company Flurry will discuss about the some tools for developers which will help them. According to the post in the company’s blog this event will help developers, “better understand their users and improve, grow and monetize their apps”.

Although established 20 years ago, it is lagging behind its prime competitors Facebook and Google and is playing to catch up in mobile ad sales. When company’s present CEO Marissa Mayer joined in 2012, she was surprised by knowing that only 37 of its 12,000 employees are working on mobile platform.

Since Mayer has joined the company, Yahoo has been aggressive in acquiring the companies and it has acquired over 40 companies, most of them work on mobile and the company is looking to generate some revenue from these purchases. In the third quarter of this year, it has generated more than $200 million in the mobile revenue and it has raised its base to over 550 million monthly active users.

Although it is hosting a developers conference in 2015, it is late to the game as it rivals Google hosted such conference in 2008 and Facebook’s first developers conference happened back in 2007.

Yahoo posted on its blog stating, “Today, Americans were spending more time on their smartphone than watching TV – making the mobile experience and job of mobile developers, more important than ever”.

Yahoo’s mobile developers conference is free, while Google’s developers conference costs $900 to attend this year.