Yahoo Android app updated with one swipe access to News and Magazines

By | August 22, 2014

Yahoo, today released an update to its Android app with simple changelog which now includes the Yahoo’s digital magazines. Don’t get excited, you won’t be able to read the digital versions of the print magazines using the Yahoo app, ┬ábut still you need Google Play Newsstand, Kindle, Zinio, Nook or any other third party app installed.

The Magazines can bring more long form content to the Yahoo Android app the their previous news lists, span the spectrum of the beauty, food, movies, entertainment and health. With this latest update, you can now jump form sidebar to, the prettier versions of the same news and entertainment that they are already too ashamed to tell others about.

Yahoo app features total six magazines in total, Health, Beauty, Food, Movies, Tech and Travel. This update also brings the sports improved customizations and includes the smart display what the content to be displayed based on the things that you have viewed previously. News content is displayed in the long column and the individual stories are presented more creatively with pleasing scrolling format. If you have already used the attractive Yahoo News Digest before, then you will not find any difference with the latest update.



  • Enjoy beautiful visual cars which display images and videos from each story.
  • Get summaries before reading the full article.
  • Read comfortably with the adjustable text size whether it may be small, medium and large.

Yahoo digital magazines are just like the magazines, but you will find them as slick, depending on your screen and pretty polished and stylish too.

Download Yahoo app from here

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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