Yahoo acquires Cooliris : Photo app maker

By | November 23, 2014


On an  average Yahoo is acquiring 2 startup companies per month and today Yahoo acquires Cooliris, a photo app maker. Cooliris has just announced the acquisition. Cooliris was founded in 2006 and initially known for creating the 3D wall for navigating photos and other media content and it also created the platform for mobile ads known as Adjitsu and sold it to Singtel’s Amobee division in 2012.

Recently, Cooliris has focused on mobile app which lets the users to browse the photos across different platforms such as Flickr, Facebook and Dropbox. In this summer the company has also launched the photo messaging app called as Beamlt. It has raised about $27.6 million funding from the investors including Deutsche Telekom’s T-Venture, Kleiner Perkins Caufield &Byers, DAG ventures and Westly group.

Cooliris has wrote on its website that,

[quote]Yahoo has the clear vision and unwavering commitment to making mobile and intuitive and effortless experience. This makes Yahoo the perfect partner of Cooliris and we are excited to come together to bring the indispensable products to the worldwide audience. [/quote]

Cooliris hasn;t revealed any further details and not too specific about where Yahoo is planning to do anything with its exiting products or it is more of a talent acquisition,. Under CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo has indeed talked lot about its focus on the mobile platform and last month it has acquired mobiles messaging app called as MessageMe.

Yahoo has stated about this acquisition as

[quote]We have acquired Cooliris, in order to build the inspiring products, grow engagement and ultimately revenue and everything starts with having the best people to help us accelerate out transformation in to our growth areas. As such we are focusing on acquisitions that align with our key growth areas, search communications, video and digital magazines. We are excited to welcome 17 employees from Cooliris to Sunnyvale where our core communications team is located.[/quote]

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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