Yahoo acquires Blink, self destructive messaging app rival to Snapchat


Yahoo acquires Blink app, a mobile app which allows the users to share the self destructive messages. It is the rival of the most popular messaging app Snapchat. According to the sources, as the result of the deal, Blink will shutdown its app services on Android and iOS platforms and the staff of Blink will now work on the Yahoo’s “Smart communication” products. The main reason for the acquisition is hiring the talented staff of Blink.

Blink is the product of Meh labs. Meh Labs is a start up that was founded by former Google employees Kevin Stephens and Michelle Norgan.


Blink has revealed the details of the acquisition on its official blog post that, “We are excited to announce that now Blink is merging with Yahoo on May 13, 2014. We built Blink because we believe every user should be free to show the same spontaneity and honesty in their online conversations as they can in person”. They also added that, “we look forward to the possibilities that comes from bringing the Blink vision to Yahoo”.

The details of the deal are not disclosed, but the reports say that 7 member team of Blink would be joining the Yahoo Headquarters at Sunnyvale, California. Yahoo has reportedly acquired 40 start ups since Marissa Mayer took over as Chief Executive two years ago in an attempt to revamp the internet company. Yahoo is looking to generate the more revenue through mobile content and advertising as the number of people using smartphones and tablets has increased.

Blink launched its app for iOS platform about an year ago which enables the users to share the voice messages, videos, photos and more with the groups or individuals. It is similar to Snapchat, like users can control the message visibility time and after certain time the message will be deleted automatically. Its rival Snapchat is bought by Facebook last year for a hefty price.