Xiaomi started Beta Testing KitKat version of MIUI for all Xiaomi devices

By | April 16, 2014


If you are die hard of the very popular MIUI ROM and have been waiting desperately for MIUI V5 to tag along and offer some Android 4.4 decency, the uplifting news is that MIUI V5 is experiencing some beta stages at this point and will start beta testing the new ROM beginning next week. As some of you may have needed the new Kitkat based MIUI ROM to appear in February as was stated, this may come as a shock and a pleasant gift to figure out that it is finally being in the hands of users. Starting at this time Xiaomi is just gazing to test out the new ROM with one particular device, yet in two separate models. If you want to test this new KitKat ROM you will most likely have to be citizen of China region.

Xiaomi looking for beta testers, was posted on the official MIUI Weibo profile-the very popular Chinese social network recently, so MIUI fans do not have to wait much for this new KitKat influenced MIUI ROM. That is the anticipation anyway. Seeing as there is no sign how long it could take to complete beta test the new update of MIUI, it think it will take more time to release for public.

Stay connected with us, I will try to let you know as soon it will release. I know you are desperately looking for this kind of ROM for your device but unfortunately you have to wait.

At some point, literally ALL Xiaomi smartphones will end up getting the new KitKat influenced MIUI ROM.