Xiaomi reveals MIUI 6 : Visually Stunning with colorful layouts



Xiaomi has launched MIUI 6, the most latest version of Xiaomi’s Android running smartphone UI that you can see in Mi flagship devices, which features a major refurbished design, better security, and more. The overall look of the UI is flattened, and the attractive color plays a more flashy role. But as of now, the update is in beta phase, and it is expected to roll out for the devices very soon.

Xiaomi is looking quite more excited about this UI update, says that MIUI 6 as designed to be perceptive, and that you should be able to just grab up your handset and start using it without any instruction. In short the UI is simple and clear, which was the main purpose of this. There is a more use of color in MIUI 6, with white prominent in several Xiaomi’s native apps.

Not only the UI, you will experience almost new avatar of your smartphone, contacts and phone have seen some updates. You can now search unknown numbers when you get call. You can also find service numbers, like banks, network provider and you can also be shown a visual menu of your carrier’s service list, instead waiting for an audio prompt to advance in the menu.

There are many other crucial updates as well. The home screen has been designed with operational gestures that can started anywhere, and you can now manage icons in groups. The notification center is now more reliable(see the video above). Tools like Calendar and Mail have been updated as well.

Here is the source link that will help you to get more idea about the update, also you will feel the change you will get with the update.