#Xiaomi Redmi 1S goes out of stock in Seconds!


So here I am, writing about not so new trend in the market.

Xiaomi had announced their new phone in the market a few days ago and the first sale had to go live today i.e. September 02, 2014. Well, just like all the other Xiaomi sales, the stock got over within a few seconds after the sale was started.

According to the manufacturer company, they had around 40,000 devices to sell. If the Xiaomi officials are to be believed, then this is yet another awesome achievement by the company in India who have now sold devices worth over a few million dollars just in 5 sales which did not last even an hour collectively.

There are many people who have questioned the procedure of selling the device in such a manner and there are people who have also questioned Flipkart over certain things. Most of those people even say that the whole hype is a collective effort from Flipkart and Xiaomi and they are just trying to do some cheap publicity (Let us know what you feel about it).

(HOWEVER, the team here at The Tech Bulletin just wanted to check if at all they sold any product, and we have got a few devices in our carts). If anyone is interested in this phone, we could just send it out to your address. Let me know if you are interested in the comments section.)

We are trying to get the exact details for the readers, kindly stay tuned.

We will get back with a few more details soon.



More to follow..