Xbox One EA Access offers backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games


The recent announcement from Xbox about backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games will bring up new possibilities for EA Access selection for free games.

The company responded to a fan through Twitter when asked whether there will be a possibility of accessing Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II for free; They stated that “We’re investigating adding backwards compatible EA games to EA Access in the future. Stay tuned.”

Xbox One EA Access

Microsoft has already announced that Xbox One will support some of the Xbox 360 games. Xbox One EA Access is only a membership program. Microsoft is influencing backwards compatibility as a stimulus for promoting more sales; anyone who buys Gears of War: Ultimate edition this year will receive versions of Gears of War 2, 3, and Judgment that can be played on Xbox One. Microsoft is fortifying that all the future Xbox 360 games will be compatible with Xbox One. It also ensures that all future Xbox 360 games will be given away through Games with Gold can be played on Xbox One

Xbox One EA Access hasn’t announced how many games it would theoretically add to the speedily expanding EA Access Vault, but hypothetically includes dozens of titles from big name series like Battlefield, Dragon Age, Dead Space and Rock Band.

The Verdict

To make Xbox 360 game compatible with Xbox One doesn’t require any technical stress on the part of its publisher; it simply has to give Microsoft the thumbs-up. And we know EA isn’t against to doing so, as the original Mass Effect was the game used to reveal backwards compatibility during Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

Xbox One EA Access at present offers two different plans: a monthly plan that costs $5/month and an annual plan that costs $30/year.