Xbox One astonishes with its latest add-on tech by Microsoft


Xbox One

Microsoft consistently kept surprising us with its amazing innovations over technology, one of the best OS till date; the amazing operating system ‘Windows’ is used worldwide.

Recently, launched Windows 10 will now be leading the Xbox One by this November 2015. Windows 10 may not be suited for the game abductors as it is restricted to the gaming aspect. But it cool downs the fire by bringing in a controller with the voice-friendly palate called the “New Xbox One Experience”.

Out of the loop, it seems like that there is nothing much about the Xbox One rather than the heavy Dashboard update. But this one might incite you to push Kinect back from your stockpile.

The major change that have been made  lately is the revived design nub on fastening dashboard steering and functioning.

Cortana (intelligent personal assistant) is familiar worldwide with it amazing features added up with Windows 10 would be launched. Kinect (motion sensing input device) would be the connecting flight for boarding the voice commands through Cortana.

The expectations from Xbox One are pretty high and the entire world is looking forward to the new tile personalization and other solicitous settings that can be tampered with.

The upcoming Window 10 leading to Xbox one will grant access for more cross-play titles between PC and games, and the much awaited change expected to bring streaming of PC games onto Xbox One.

The latest feature adds glory to the Xbox One, Introducing Chatpad for Xbox One by Microsoft.

Microsoft has been the greatest trendsetter for innovation and gradation of technology. Microsoft launches out of the world features and technology which takes a little time to digest such amazing techs.

The recent launched Chatpad have already been announced during Gamescom 2015. The QWERTY bordering will be released on November 3, 2015.

Chatpad has the first-party device that comes along with Chatpad headsets that has 3.5mm jack and plugs directly into the pad distinct from the PDP’s upcoming remote for the PS4. However, this amazing feature is attuned with only Xbox One controllers.

This amazing Chatpad is likely to cost around $34.99 which is feasible for consumers to buy.

Microsoft has already started taking pre-booking for the latest product Chatpad for Xbox One.

Fingers Crossed for the reviews.