Microsoft IFA press event invite for September 4 may tease 'selfie' Lumia 730 reveal


Microsoft has just sent out "save the date" invites to their IFA press event in Berlin, Germany on September 4 and the invite could be a teaser that the company could reveal its Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia 730 "selfie" smartphone at the event.

As you can see, the invite has the text, "ready for more?" with the "o" in "more" shaped to look like a smartphone camera lens. The invite also states "Join us for more face time". Both of these statements would seem to tease something along the lines of the Lumia 730, which, as we have already have reported, will have a 5 megapixel front facing camera for better "selfie" images.

Additionally, a Lumia 830 may also be announced, as both phones are slated for a similar time-frame for release.

Stay tuned as we will likely have more information on the specifics of Microsoft's IFA press event, where the company will almost certainly reveal one or more upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 devices. In the meantime, what do you think this teaser "save the date" invite means?


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Microsoft IFA press event invite for September 4 may tease 'selfie' Lumia 730 reveal


oh yes! cant wait! It looks more like they might show the 830 to me.. The Camera Module is the one of those leaked 830 photos.

What the heck is IFA? Hate when writers assume everybody knows what acronyms stand for. At least elaborate once in the whole article!

Not really. A style guide for writing is always a good idea in a professional setting. And most such guides I'm familiar with require spelling out or otherwise explaining an acronym in its first usage in an article.

Problem is, it would have been leaked or picked up in certification by now... No info means no 1030... sigh... sorry people, but we'll have to wait a bit longer for another 41mp series phone :(

They probably won't release 1030 at the same event, since it may diversify the spotlight. I am expecting some release date in October, couple weeks before thanksgiving. Make the device avialable gloabally right after the announcement. 

I think they must be releasing a successor for L1020 (May be L1030) - to be in time for holidays season as they have already announced EOL for L1020.  Yes 20 MP is no way near to 1020.

lol, according to the article before this is the 830. The 730s camera looks way different.
EDIT: OR they really reveal both phones at once.

Actually, I think you are mixing up what the image above is supposed to be. It's not the 830's camera, as the 730 is rumored to be the 'selfie' phone with its low price point and 5 MP FF camera.

Either way, it wouldn't surprise me if they announce both, as they usually announce phone's in pairs e.g. 630/930; 820/920; 1520/1320; 720/520, etc.

Yep it would be perfect event midrange phones....!!! :). Plus the camera ready for more shows 830 camera lens + join for more face time( 730 selfie phone )

But the leaked photos of the 730 doesn't show this type of camera. This is the camera of the 830, right?? I'm confused XD
EDIT: Yes, okay. I really like the 830. Looks like a smaller upgrade from the 920!

Hopefully it won't take longer to release the phones. They could also just say they'll release them in spring or something ;)

Ditto, when I read the leak article, all I could think was that I finally found the upgrade for my 920... The SD card support sold me.

I think this camera circle simply means that it will be an event dedicated to phones with powerful cameras (both 830 with 'rumored' 20 MP, as well as 730 with 5MP FF).

Can I ask you other thing?
Why there's no app like iMore or AndroidCentral even WPCentral released by Mobile Nations on WP? This WPCentral app on WP isn't made by MN.

Doesn't Jay Bennet work for Mobile Nations? Hence, the WPCentral app was effectively made by Mobile Nations. In any case, the WPCentral app is *the* official app for WPCentral.

Wow, I didn't even realize that. Fair point, Dan. Yes, maybe they indeed are going to reveal 730/830. But why would they reveal a Verizon exclusive in Berlin? Does Verizon provide service there too?

Most phones that are exclusive to one provider in the united states are also released abroad, the only Lumia that is u.s. only I believe is the Icon.

I really hope the Lumia 730 sees the US at some point, but judging by the Lumia 720 and it being announced in Germany, I'm not going to hold my breath.

830, I think it's for everyone crying about Verizon exclusives on the last artice.


Unless it's just a cricular frame on the 730's front facing camera.

Will probably announce the 830 as well as the camera in 'more' looks EXACTLY like the camera on the 830.

Just for comparison: what is the Front Facing Camera resolution in the Lumia 920 and in the Lumia 930??
I have a umia 920 and the FFC pics have so low quality! Hope the FFC in my probably next phone, the Lumia 930, has a better quality.

Lol Rodney. This phone was developed before Microsoft bought the hardware division of Nokia. I think missing glance and no sd card slot are bothering him

Wrong. The 930 is the last Nokia. That's why I bought it. I'll go into details once I get home and have a proper keyboard instead of wordflow that changes half of what I write.

Dj I understand how you feel I've been a Nokia fan since s40. Oh and have you heard about the rumors that Nokia has job postings on LinkedIn in reference to Android phones?

Yes I'm aware of the job openings. It's not a surprise as several people from the D&S division were moved to HERE and the Technologies division before the acquisition.

Nokia is preparing some devices to launch until the year's end. Not smartphones yet, though. But yes I'm very glad they're accelerating the return to consumer products and I'm convinced at least one smartphone will be released in 2016 as a culmination of those efforts to bring all the other smart devices together. 

You'll do as I say and buy a 1530 by Microkia... Oh, now WordFlow isn't good enough for you?.... Lol!!!
You'll get it, you'll see...

1 - No, I won't. I want nothing from Microsoft Mobile, not even offered.

2 - Wordflow is great but not for long texts as I have to proofread everything 'cause the damn thing, much like autocorrect, changes words without I notice them lol

Hey, you're right!!.. I always find some funny word, extra word, or space, with WordFlow... But, I haven't seen the accuracy of other swipe applications, so I really can't properly judge it.

The 930 comes filled with hardware and software problems. Here are the ones I have on mine (and Microsoft failed to replace it yet because after two weeks at the Care Centre "they had no units available at the moment for replacement to replace the phone"):

1 - misaligned camera. When not in used, the camera eye doesn't sit centered;

2 - misaligned headphone jack (I believe the entire interior of the phone is misaligned).

3 - Clear Black? Yeah, not on high luminosity it isn't. On high luminosity blacks turn to a purple-ish grey.

4 - Overheating. Never have I seen a phone heat up so much over so little;

5 - Terrible quality in the Live display of the camera. When you open the camera, the image you see on the screen is filled with noise.

6 - Purple tint on the screen. Thanks to a Microsoft update to the Display app, a layer of purple is added to the screen. It becomes unbelievably annoying when you're using the phone in low light with white pages going purple. This is affecting all 930's and Microsoft still hasn't issued an update to fix it.

7 - Horrible for low light photography.


And yes, the lack of microSD is ridiculous. I don't care about Glance. But I could overlook the lack of a microSD card...if only the phone didn't came with so many f*cking problems.

I'm sure you can make a list just as big about any other device... Come on dude.. No device is perfect, and you're nitpicking...

4 Sep is just the announcement date. I hate to say it, but the available for sale date probably isn't until November. Come on, Microsoft, please show everyone you have learned your lesson, and the sale date is sometime the following week.

The "O" is like the rear camera for the 830 , ooohh I can't wait , but this sucks cuz I have to wait at least two months to get a 830!!

Would be nice if it would coincide with a significant update to the Skype client. Anyhow, great to see new phones coming. Ps. Nice and close to the iPhone announcement date... For good or bad.

They are not going anywhere without a highend Lumia widely available in the USA and across the world.

I hate to break it to you, but data shows that in the WP ecosystem, the lower end sells more than the high end. Regardless, I am hoping for a 6" high end by spring.

It has been. Like it or not, the 930 is the successor of the 920. Is it a worthy one? No. But it's the successor nonetheless.

The 930 is not a successor for the 920 on AT&T. It isn't on the AT&T network at all. Maybe the 1520... but it is gargantuan. All the 920 owners out there on AT&T are looking for a 5" or slightly smaller phone on AT&T to replace their current phones. There is no such phone currently.

Realistically speaking the 930 is the successor of the 920. Is the Nokia exclusive strategy that is messing everything up. In the Lumia case is a double mess, because they had AT&T as their gold Lumia partner, they build all their fan base with them and suddenly after two years of repeat releases (1020, 925) they decided to release their true 920 successor to Verizon as an exclusive.

Well, AT&T is a carrier in the US. That's a problem with the way the American market works. OEMs don't work to please American carriers as you certainly understand. The 930 is the successor to the 920. AT&T not having it doesn't change that...

That is not how the American market works anymore. iPhone is proving that in the best way possible and Apple is making billions (and bravo to them). Nokia still works with exclusives as their main strategy and Microsoft still allows carriers to put their stupid Logos on its devices and test/releasing firmware updates independently, all are super negative aspects in the Windows Phone ecosystem right now and a huge part of Apple's success.

You can't buy phones outside carriers, can you? That's the difference. In Europe we go to a tech shop and buy a phone outright. You can't do that in the US.

8 years ago it wasn't possible (excluding T-Mobile because it was the only GSM carrier and most unlocked European phones was compatible) but now for AT&T and T-Mobile you can.
Verizon and Sprint you can't of course but this is due to their CDMA network nature, all their phones needs to currently be build specifically for them.

Then you really can't. You're restricted by your carriers. Such doesn't happen in Europe, for example. Doesn't matter where you buy your phone, it will work on all networks.

Apple will release an unlocked U.S. version or model about 90-120 days after it in the store.  This model has all the radios in it for all GSM U.S. carriers.  It is the counterpart to what the EU gets in their international version.  Only other smartphone that is simlar is Google Play's smartphones that are unlocked and have all the radio frequencies in it too.  These phones you can use in pretty much any GSM carriers in the U.S. and most European carriers.

Windows phones are all exclusive and restricted.  It for the most part only works well with that particular carrier that it sponsors.      

Please shut the hell up you trolling douche. Nobody believes you have a WP8 or know anything about Windows Phone. You're a lying idiot.

Apple in September is all like: "Here's the top selling phone for the next two years, enjoy."

Microsoft in September is all like: "HERE ARE NICHE BUDGET PHONES FOR TEENAGERS."

I have seen a couple using it and caught me off guard. And the reason WP don't sale at ATT (my brother is an RSC) is because no incentives like with other devices. He is the only one pushing them because of me showing him the ins/outs. I think if they make the tethering unlocked would help to. I know people who wont get one because of this requiring a mobile share or an add-on.

They should think on it before. You cant be the time that they were "elaborating". If they havent a mid-range phone the next month they will lose a lot of sells.

Nothing less than 6" appeals me after using 1320. Hope MS won't discontinue producing these monster. Hi-end please

Couldn't care less.
From IFA I'm interested in 3rd September when Sony it's going to announce the Z3 and Z3 Compact. If they announced a WP Version of either or both, excellent. As they most likely won't, fine. I'll take them with Android. Anything but Microsoft Mobile.

So why are you telling us. Why don't you go to android central. Everytime I see your comment, its always negative. You must be one hell of a pissed off customer.
I literally haven't seen any positive comment from you. Hope Microsoft or Nokia can eventually bring happiness to your life.

Nokia will certainly make me a happier customer once they return to the market.
I am a pissed off customer of Microsoft because they keep screwing up and offering me bad consumer support. Don't like to read based opinions on Microsoft? Too bad. I'm not here to please commentators anyway ;)

I'm more interested in the Z3 Compact as I'm sick of dinner trays as phones ;) Also, I wouldn't use a Samsung device even if it was offered so I couldn't care less about the Note 4.

The Z3 is a Z2, which is essentially a Z1 with the same processor but abit overclocked (S801 is S800 but overclocked by 200MHz). In other words, the Z3 compact is almost a Z1 compact. u really chose the wrong phone to be prepared for.

What part of "Compact" didn't you understand? And no, the Z3 Compact won't be like the Z1 Compact. You don't even know if the Z3 won't come with the 805. Stop talking about things you don't know, please.

Better worry whether Sony is here to stay. They keep selling devisions like it looks like the only thing Sony will make in 2015 are Playstations.

I definitely do care: the L830 looks like the holy grail phone to me. The leak made my day allready :)

Sony sold one division: Vaio, because PC sales keep declining. The TV division was spinned-off into a separate company owned by Sony.

Sony isn't going anywhere specially when they keep growing in the mobile market having already surpassed HTC.

And much more. Ever their US headquarters as well as the Tokyo 'holy land' building. Sony is going down fast. Even making loss on the PS4. Don't be surprised Sony is sold next year.

All consoles are sold at a loss. Even so, the PS4 is selling very well and besting Xbox sales worldwide.
Sony's "doom and gloom" is as accurate as Microsoft's.
(Btw, Sony has announced their intention of not bothering with the US market. Which can justify the sale. Also, most companies don't own the buildings their headquarters are in. It's best business to rent them to have fiscal benefits instead of taxes).

Hmm... Microsoft always gets huge profits each quarter, while Sony is swamped in losses. There's certainly a big difference. That doesn't stir away from the fact that their phones are really well designed and very beautiful, even though the design has become little bit stale. They haven't changed ( and the Z3 leaks point to that they won't) it since the original Xperia Z at the beginning of last year.

1 - You either want to talk about divisions or about the entire company. You talked about the PS4. I said that the Xbox has greater losses. Fact.
2 - Sony is a far bigger corporation. They have a ton of different business. They even have insurance! Perspective.

3 - True, the omnibalance design is still being used... But one should remember... It's not THAT old. It just seems old because of the 6 months cycle that Sony does. Even so, the iPhone hasn't changed a lot, the Galaxies haven't changed a lot and not even the Lumias. You don't need with a winning team, honestly. Is rather they stick with what is good than them start experimenting with weird designs.

Don't feel. He had a phone that's better than anything worth an Apple on the back. Then again, if you're at school, they're still too young and too stupid to understand anything :P

Meanwhile, early adopters in the U.S. who are due to upgrade in November are left out in the cold. I've yet to see something to replace my AT&T 920 with.

I'm holding out hope that the One W8 is a timed exclusive for Verizon. My contract was up last month and I have nothing new to move to, especially since I want to move away from Nokia.

Now we can have the battle of the 5mp FFCs between the W8 and the 730. Can't imagine there's much tech either HTC or MS can pack into a FFC and still have the phone face be attractive.

So htc w8 might be the only new hi end for wp this year. Ms is only focusing on low- mid range phones unless they have something interesting ideas to differentiate their hi-end phone.

I'm not sure if I love the sensation of waiting for new Windows phones, or I hate the stress of waiting for new Windows phones

If the 830 isn't revealed, then that picture makes no sense, can the editors not see the mini Oreo!? *hint* it's where the 'O' should be :P

Why am I hoping for a Nokia Lumia 1030 on this launch event even if the facts tell that it is meant for the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 830? Haha

A 1520 successor needs to be in the works, and announced. I see MS pushing mid range devices, but with Samsung, LG, and Apple pushing the envelope, they need to stay competitive on the high end devices too. A flagship phablet is a good way to lure droid users away, and keep them.

I think their is a chance they'll announce the Lumia 1520 successor. Evleaks did say that a "Lumia 1525" would be coming to AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile but I'm sure it'll be called the "1530". It'd have been almost a year by the announcement since the 1520 was announced, so I think it mays sense.

This should of have been a powerful Skype phone with all the photo op features of the 1020 in the front camera if it is to be a true selfie phone.

I'll use my insurance to replace my 1020 with a 1520. I'll use my 1020 as a camera only device, and when November rolls around I'll upgrade to a high end android device or iPhone if it has a 5in. screen or larger.

Sooooooooooo when are we getting a new ACTUAL flagship Lumia? i'm tired of all these low-price quad-core phones with 512mb of ram and low camera specs etc. A selfie phone? really.

I think they will announce the 830. If it has a 20 megapixel camera then it a will have a Snapdragon 800, which makes it like a 930 mini. I would get it and I hope it has HAAC mics and OIS

Interesting comment I seen on The Verge is maybe we'll see an official snapchat announcement as well? Please let it be!

I wish that on 4th September Microsoft reveals a flagship phone just 5days before the apple releases there 5's successor.. But i know its not possible!!

As the 1020 have passed 1 year after being announced and as we know that on september, 1020 will face the EoL. If MS will announce 1030 at IFA, that would be really surprising. But, the IFA is most likely all about 730 and 830

Maybe, just maybe, Verizon past on the Icon/930 renewal of exclusivity and let it out to be available to the general public.  Hard to say if Verizon has renewed the Icon for another 6 months! 

Chances is 50-50!  

If they past on it; the 930 will be available in the U.S. in all it colors too!


If they didn't pass on it, it means it is selling for them right? And thats good news for WP, Verizon, Verizon customers... Only bad news for everyone not on Verizon ;-)

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