Worst and Failed Android Phones from Samsung


The South Korean Smartphone Brand Samsung is famous for its Phones, But not for all. Yes, its some phone are going to dustbin. Here you will get a list of those Android Smartphone from of Samsung which are worst and failed to the customer satisfaction.

List of Worst And Failed Android Phones from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Golden I9230

The Samsung galaxy Golden is a dual Screen Smartphone, which offered the retro back in fashion in the new Smartphone ages. The Smartphone is powered by 1.7 GHz MSM8930 Pro dual core processor, which is coupled with 1.5 GB RAM that  is perfect for matching up to the speed and function support. This Smartphone has dual 3.7 inch AMOLED display screen. The design allows you to access the screen of the phone when it is open and when it is closed as well.


The phone has a 8 MP rear camera along with LED flash and 1.9 Mega-pixel front facing camera. And for the Connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is available in the phone. But Seriously the price is of this phone is too high. I have never even dreamt that Samsung will release a flip model with the bar model at high price range. Samsung other phones of this price range such Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy S4 has a sleek design, far better design and much lighter than the Galaxy Golden.

The main disappointment of this phone is its look and design is not meeting with its price tag and it also runs on the old variant of the Android Operating system. Currently this Smartphone is available in the market near about $500.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The Samsung S4 Zoom has one of the best camera’s ever in the Samsung Smartphones. In this Phone Samsung has a thought that they have to bring a combination of the Smartphone and digital camera. But the customers are not happy with its look, The don’t want some things comes out of the back panel of the Smartphone for zooming purpose. This Smartphone is not sleek in design and it is much heavier than the Galaxy S4.

s4 zoom

The Galaxy S4 Zoom is powered by 1.5 GHz dual-core Exynos 4212 CPU, which is coupled with 1.5 GB of RAM. It has a 16 Mega-pixel camera with 10x optical zoom. Another disappointment that this Smartphone of the Smasung has a small 8 GB of built in storage, but you can boost that by up to 64GB more if you invest in a card. This is not useful, if you buy a high range of Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

According to its name, it is the Mini variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Except its price, means the price of the Smartphone is not a mini. The Smartphone hasn’t brought the all the features of the Galaxy S4. The S4 Mini loses the quad-core power and Full 1080p HD display. But it brings the NFC and other connectivity feature.


The Main disappointment of this phone it has a plastic body in the place of the metal body.  And the Screen size of the Smartphone is 4.3 inches only where other companies have much better screen size and provides full HD display. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is significantly more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (£269) at launch and it is cheaper than the Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Yet another example coming from Samsung. It should also be noted that the Galaxy Fit was actually released in 2013. With Android 2.3 on board and the display coming in at a measly 240×320, it couldn’t even break out in the beginner market. The name Fit was also a horrible play on words, or just a bad joke from Samsung: the Smartphone it off was about as fit as a pensioner in a wheelchair and as useful as a rotary phone.


 The [phone is a lower budget range phone which has only 2 GB internal storage and carries 280 MB and the great Samsung has offered the old variant of Android OS, which makes this phone a failure for the Samsung.