Worried about best fit take Fitrrati help



Worried about best fit take Fitrrati help while selecting clothes online websites. The cloud based and data drive technology company offers solution for fashion brands and e-tailers.

Fitrrati approach is data driven and correcting while learning from the consumers. They use various parameters such as brand, consumer and retailer data to make best fit size recommendation for any style across product categories, brands and fit types considering individual fit and preferences.

The company has developed an adaptive learning engine learns from consumer feedback and corrects itself for individual consumer to provide accurate recommendation. When a consumer uses more Fitrrati, the application will understand better the individual fit preferences.


Fitrrati has developed two products aimed, one for retailer and one for brand. For retailers the product provides accurate size recommendation with fit ratings for every product by answering few simple questions in 45 seconds. The product provide precise fit details provide insights on individual fit level insights of any garment and fit on various body measurements. Virtual Fitting room feature provides online trial experience, users can compare fit ratings and levels across various clothes in the fitting room.

The product also provides various styles and brands in all product categories which will be perfect fitted for individual users. It provides only products where the size that fits the user is in stock during various promotional and sales. Once the user start using this app, levels of shopping will increase.

Biggest advantages for retailers will be reduction of returns. Conversion to view to sale is will increase. Companies can stock and maintain better inventory, planning and management for repeat customers. Additional advantage is brand loyalty.


Fitrrati provides few advantages to fashion brands. It ensures consistent and seamless experiences with confident online shopping. The level of satisfaction will increase in turn gives increases brand loyalty. At the same inventory planning and management for repeat shoppers will be in better shape.

The Bengaluru based company was founded in 2014 by Amit Monga and others. Amit has very good entrepreneurial skills. He graduated in Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2009. As part of internship he worked with Reliance Industries Limited and IRD of IIT Delhi.

He has brief stint as Process Engineer with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd in 2009. He worked with Indian Oil for 10 months. He moved as business analyst in Diamond Management and Technology Consultants in 2010. In 2011 he co founded eSportsBuy.com which was subsequently acquired by Snapdeal in 2012. Subsequently he moved to Snapdeal as part of deal and headed Sports Category vertical for 13 months. In 2013, he became business head for Collectabilia.com which he held for 13 months after which he co founded Fitrrati. Amit is Chief Executive Officer of Fitrrati.com.


Fitrrati has another notable person as Chief Technology Officer Durai V Balusamy. Durai has great expertise and specialised in technical leadership and agile methodology.  He had done graduation in Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai. He is a certified in Engineering Leadership from University of Berkeley.

He was Senior Staff Engineer and Tech lead for Sun Microsystems in 1995, the post which he held for 9 years. In 2004 he moved as Senior Technical in Yahoo Inc and become Director of Engineering in 2007. He held this post for 5.6 years and moved to Groupon Inc as Director of Engineering in 2012.

In Fitrrati he oversees the Fit Technology platform, retailer’s integration and user experience in mobile and net. He also co founded Zoohara; website helps travellers to take quick decisions.

The company has launched its first version of products demos in January 2015. Fitrrati got feedback from its potential clients who are well known brands and online retailers. They are in talks major fashion etailers across India and if everything goes well for Fitrrati. They will go live on one of India’s top 5 online fashion portals in 2nd week of April.