World of Rabbit – The Crossing arrives to the Windows Phone Store

By | August 11, 2014

Two years ago, World of Rabbit – The Dig has hit the Windows Phone. It is one of the wonderfully animated time management game and the background of the game is, with their surface overrun by the robots, rabbits remain far below and their underground world a safe asylum from the rule of the robots above. Here your task is to build the new home for rabbits and keep them entertained, build a new rabbit empire and rediscover the ancient rabbit secrets.


Now sequel to World of Rabbit – The Dig is released in the Windows Phone Store and takes your rabbits on the high seas adventure. World of Rabbit – The Crossing features the original lively animations and still you need to fight against those annoying robots. This game is available for the low memory Windows Phone devices.

World of Rabbits – The Crossing applause the original prettily and it is the fantastic addition to the Windows Phone gaming library. The assertion of the game is that your rabbit army sailing over the high seas to collect some artifacts which are needed for their survival. To collect these artifacts, rabbit army must navigate through the open waters with full of dangerous robots which are set to destroy them.

Here you will play the role of swiping at the robots as they attack your ship, collecting the artifacts required to construct the house and safely returning to the homeport escaping from the robot attacks. It also includes the bonus features such as lockscreen wallpapers and 3D printable toys. The game is interesting, entertaining as well as addictive with more challenging tasks to perform.

Download World of Rabbit for Windows Phone