WordPress app for Android updated to v3.0 with Auto updates and more

By | August 6, 2014

WordPress is the most popular free open source blogging tool. Today the official WordPress app for Android has got the significant update and bumped to the version 3.0. Users who are hosting their blogs on WordPress and accessing it from Android smartphones will now witness the great benefits from the newly added features and some bugs are also fixed.

The new update don’t have much to show in the user interface design, though it has been pretty and attractive since the Holo redesign. The latest update includes that now you will be able to swipe left and right to advance or navigate between the individual posts in the “View Site” option present on the sidebar. Auto update feature has been included which will now auto-update their posts lists and you can now opt into the built-in analytical tools. Now adding the location to the new post has became little easier, you need to just go into the editing window, tap on “post settings” and tap on “locate” and it will automatically pop up in your current position.


Here is the change log of WordPress version 3.0

  • Easily swipe between the posts in the reader.
  • Automatic support feature helps you to get real time help.
  • Geotagging feature redesign.
  • WordPress.com blog will now list the auto updates.
  • Some bug fixes like upload picture crash, Hebrew devices, Janky animations, displaying the app in English and SNI+shared ssl certificate fix and rare reader cash.

The ability to swipe from left to right to read the individual blog posts is really welcome feature and the opt in or opt out of the service’s analytic tool is also helpful as well.

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Author: Peter Jacksonn

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