WordPress Android app updated to 3.2 with some enhancements

By | October 7, 2014

WordPress Android app puts the power of publishing in your hands, which makes it easy to create and consume the content. It helps you to write, edit and publish the posts to your WordPress site right from your mobile. You can also check the stats and get inspired with the great posts in the reader. WordPress for Android supports the WordPress.com and the self hosted WordPress.com sites that are running on WordPress 3.5 or higher.


WordPress’s Android app doesn’t offer most feature rich means of editing the blog, but it is arguably the quickest one. Coming to the latest update, it brings about number of improvements to the app. Now the list of the blog post’s refresh automatically, but also there is an option to refresh manually either by pulling down the screen or through the menu.

This update also adds the ability to swipe infinitely through the posts and in addition to this improvements, QuickPress widget have been fixed. Below is the detailed changelog of the WordPress V3.2.


  • Notifications screen redesigned for better readability
  • Post list now refresh automatically
  • Post upload notification improvement with new thumbnail and the progress bar
  • Swipe between the photos in the photo viewer
  • Infinite post swipe in the reader
  • QuickPress widget is fixed
  • Pull to refresh widget will tell you if the network is not available during the airplane mode
  • Few other improvements and bug fixes

These are only the few changes I have listed here, but still there are so many changes are there. If you don’t have the latest update, then grab the app form below link.

Download WordPress Android app from here

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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