Women Coders react to James Damore’s ‘Diversity’ Memo


The ex-Google worker James Damore has been fired recently for his diversity Memo as he violated the code of conduct of Google, for suggesting that the women are less suitable for computing. He has said that the diversity efforts that the institute brings and the suggesting initiatives to bring more women into the area of coding as “deceitful mentality of victimizing’ them.

There have been many essays, articles, analyses and first person responses to James Damore’s word memo, full of 3500 words. The overriding statement of Damore is said to be based on the cherry picked data, that has been written to support the arguments which highlight the biological implications, based on the gender and Google’s neverending efforts to increase women in the firm are unfair and extremely sexist.


“As a woman who was trained as an engineer and worked at Fortune 50 companies, I think he couldn’t be more wrong in terms of some of his comments,” said Kimberly Bryant, CEO of Black Girls Code.

The industry on a whole has evolved so much beyond the gender based filters that it has made the firm, a less comfortable place for women and as well as the underrepresented people. Taking the example of Harvey Mudd College which focuses on Engineering, Science and Mathematics have been drastically working on increasing the women in the technical courses and today around 55% of the Computer Science majors are women.