With Apple’s acquisition of LinX, DSLR features on iPhone is not far

By | April 15, 2015
Apple acquires Linx

On Tuesday, Apple has acquired LinX Imaging, an Israel-based camera technology company. The acquisition may intimate some drastic upgrades to be seen at iPhone’s camera.

Apple acquires Linx

With this acquisition, one should not be surprised if the forthcoming new iPhone models have features like DSLR, that would be able to capture the information in-depth with brilliant sensors of LinX. LinX specializes in camera sensors and these sensors are much smaller than other competing products but it is not the end LinX package has more.

The LinX sensor technology is more advanced as it creates sensors with multiple lenses, that help to capture several images at the same time. The images can be combined together in a manner of a single image, by allowing for changing the image focus. The data on the distance can also be recorded by different sensors, the photographer and various subjects in the picture. With these sensor arrays, it is even possible to create a 3D image.

Apple iPhone’s camera are known for the picture quality and its comfort ability to use it, despite of the quality of lighting. It has been dependent on the Sony camera sensors for years but things may change now after its second imaging company acquisition of LinX. Apple had previously bought PrimeSense two years ago, for $360 million. PrimeSense is the company which created 3D image technology used in Microsoft’s Kinect Product.

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” said an Apple spokesman to Wall Street Journal. LinX imaging denied to comment on it. Though there is no official statement regarding the financial terms of the deal, reports suggests the two companies had been in talks for about $20 million. Apple’s other recently uncovered acquisitions include the database company FoundationDB, the data analytics firm Acunu, the search technology startup Ottocat and the smart keyboard startup Dryft.