With Amazon, 3D printing of game characters now becomes possible

By | July 9, 2015

Amazon has joined hands with Sandboxr, a specialty company in 3D-printed collectibles to allow its customers create customized 3D printed figures of video game characters from Smite, Infinity Blade and Primal Carnage.


3D printing is not all that new for Amazon. Around a year ago, Amazon launched its Shapeways-like 3D printing store to enable customers to use tools like filament, computer aided design (CAD) software and other tools. Also, it offered to various customizable 3D-printed products like jewelry, lamps and Raspberry Pi cases etc. to display the potential of 3D printing.


Now with the recent tie-up, users can choose among the 40 characters from three popular video games and using a little widget, tailor the figurines by pose, animation, accessory and base. Shoppers can select the character they want from the list and then click “Personalize Now.” Customization widget pops up in which the users can modify everything from pose to armor styles. When satisfied with the figure, a preview will be presented and the order would be finalized.

The site allows shoppers too choose the size which will determine the price of the figure. Small starts at $30 and measures 3.5″ to 4″ tall, while medium is $50 for a 4.5 to 5 inch figure and the large is priced $90. The figures look very close to the real as the Sandboxr has worked with game developers and the models are made from actual character design files.


The news to extend 3D printed products to the video game industry comes just before the start of the 46-year-old ‘ Comic Con’¬† convention in San Diego. According to the director of Amazon marketplace, Steve Johnson, the company has very high potential in gamers’ creativity. The number of gamers around the US in jaw dropping with more than 183 million faithful people in the gaming industry.

“There is a lot of passion and excitement in the culture of gaming, as well as 3D printing, and by combining these two worlds and allowing customers to design and personalize their favourite video game characters we can bring enthusiasts even closer to the games they love,” he said. ¬†Though the 3D printing is still at an embryonic stage in relation with revenue generation, it is expected to quadruple in size in the coming four to five-year according to the study by Wohlers Associates.

  • It is obviously a move that will harm and block many small companies that wanted to penetrate the 3dp market and would not have a chance to compete with Amazon.