Two major Wireless charging groups unite as AirFuel Alliance

By | November 4, 2015


The wireless charging world has been divided in three major groups for past few years, but the scenario has changed from today. The Wireless Power and the Power Matters Alliance have merged and the new name for the organization is AirFuel Alliance. This new organization now has 195 member companies including AT&T and Starbucks.

The two organizations have shown their intent for merging earlier this year. So now, the AirFuel Alliance now has only one major competitor in the Wireless Power Consortium. This is not going to be an easy battle for the newly formed wireless charging company, as Wireless Power Consortium is a champion in Qi charging standard, which is currently used in many existing wireless chargers.

We can’t say right now that both organizations merging move will help them in coming out on the top or not, but it is sure that they won’t get hurt by this move. The major tech companies are working on the wireless charging device for their products, but there have been a constant fear from them for selecting the particular technology, as they may get stuck with wrong tech in their phones and tablets. So, now this merger will certainly make it easy for them to choose the wireless technology for their products.