Windward, an Israeli startup, raised $10.8 million in Series B funding

By | April 30, 2015

An Israeli-based maritime data analytics startup, Windward has raised $10.8 million through Series B round led by Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures and participated by Series A investor Aleph and other big investors in the financial community.


The new funds added along with the previously raised funds totals to $15.8 million. The raised fund will be made used to build what the company claims to be the largest and most comprehensive maritime data analytics platform in the world. The company also plans to make its approach handy and accessible to anyone who set sail on the seven seas, with a solution for the financial sector scheduled for the late 2015 launch.

The products of the data analytics startup includes MARINT, that tracks ships across the ocean using the commercial satellites. It is widely used by Security, Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies worldwide to get Windward’s data and to spot and understand threats prior to the vessels reaching the shore. It helps in identifying the criminal activities taking place at the sea. The new investment will be used for MARINT which has abundant scope for improving its capabilities and also for unveiling new product called FORESEA which is a financial market solution. The first vertical expansion of Windward’s underlying technology is FORESEA which is currently under beta testing phase, and provides stock market investors and traders the access to important details and unused market opportunities.

Ami Daniel co-founder and CEO of Windward said, “The Windward Mind, the world’s first maritime data platform, brings cross-vertical and industry visibility into ship activity worldwide that is critical given the economics at stake.” She also added, “We are honored to have Horizons Ventures join our journey. Horizons has a unique perspective as a seasoned investor in some of the world’s most disruptive tech companies; their involvement will provide us with many valuable opportunities for innovating this analog world.”

She also quoted that MARINT could be of use for other people other than law enforcement department. It also has some creative usage like to disclose the amount of oil currently being in transit anywhere in the world at any point of time. The data collected by the official reports are often different from the data collected through MARINT, which helps the oil traders to know when there might be fluctuations in the price. This serves as a big advantage to them.

Further to the fund-raising, a member of Horizons, ex-CEO of Thomson Reuters – Tom Glocer and ┬áRet Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, the ex-IDF Chief of Staff will be joining Windward’s Board of Directors. Also, Danielle Ullner, the former VP of Strategic Partnerships at Pericon will be joining as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. These new members are expected to bring into the company different and valuable perspective on bringing in information to strong decisions in competitive professional market. Also to improve the partnerships and relationships with shipping companies and access the shipping and port ecosystem.

Glocer said, “Windward is a game changer because it is bringing a data sciences perspective to today’s maritime data and making it accessible and relevant for the entire ecosystem. Financial institutions, the nest market for Windward’s unique data platform, are hungry for advanced data solutions that can provide valuable trading opportunities by extracting faint trading signals from noisy datasets such as maritime information.”