Windows Phone Sales Dropped By 9.4 Percent : IDC Latest Report


According to the latest report of the IDC, the sales of the Windows Phone are slipping down. A new report from IDC, which claims that the Windows Phone platform sales dropped by at least 9.4 percent in the second quarter of 2014  which compared to the sale second quarter back in 2013. Google Android’s and Apple iOS gives a tough competition to the Windows Phone. Over 85 percent market is captured by Android and near 12 percent is by iOS. Whereas

To increase the Windows Phone platform the software giant Microsoft has taken many big steps few months before, Microsoft acquired Nokia devices unit, a move that was seen as terrible to some, while others viewed it as another Microsoft move to be more like Apple.

Windows Phone

Interestingly enough, the decline in sales might have a lot to do with the amount of Windows Phone based handsets launched this year.  The Microsoft is getting little to no support from its partners, but, the company has been courting HTC and Samsung to return back to the platform, and this time it might just work out better than in the past. The Microsoft, comes with many new hardware partners like Micromax and LG and even with Sony also.

Before Nokia’s devices unit was gobbled up, the company was doing a decent job by itself, as Windows Phone’s market share was actually growing. Handsets like the Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 really had an impact on the market. It is likely Microsoft may have to focus more on the low-end market and less on the higher end to stay in the game.