Windows Phone Now in Third rank of Smartphone Market Share in UK


Slowly the market percentage of Windows Phone eco-system grows up. According to the latest figure the Microsoft Windows Phone platform now top of the Blackberry Operating System. The BlackBerry handsets will drop from third to fourth place in the Smartphone market share in the U.K. In 2014, research firm eMarketer reports. The losses are expected amid soaring demand for Windows Phones.

The BlackBerry users will decline by a whopping 35.2% this year, hitting a new low of 2.4 million — and the drop will be even steeper in 2015, leaving just 1.4 million BlackBerrys in the hands of UK consumers,” the research firm said in an article announcing the findings.


Whereas, the Microsoft has taken a similar approach. The CEO Satya Nadella outlined a portion of his strategy in a lengthy memo to employees last month:

We will build first-party hardware to stimulate more demand for the entire Windows ecosystem. That means at times we’ll develop new categories like we did with Surface. It also means we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone, which is our goal with the Nokia devices and services acquisition.

The “Windows ecosystem,” Nadella is not mainly referring to only the devices, but it can also some apps which are used in the enterprise to help make workers more productive. Think of it as a comprehensive strategy to occupy what’s left of the mobile business market. A reasonable plan, judging by eMarketer’s estimates.