Windows Phone 9 Developer Preview coming in January 2015 : Rumor

By | September 17, 2014
Windows Phone 9

According to the rumors and reports, the tech Microsoft will announced the developer preview of its Windows Phone 9 operating system. The reports claimed that the upcoming Windows Phone 9 is said to bring a number of goodies, including side by side multi-tasking and actionably notifications will also be available for the Windows Smartphone user’s.

Windows Phone 9

According to some of the sources, they have told us that the Developer Preview of the Windows Phone Operating System update could hit devices as early as January 2015. This upcoming  OS update, has is said to be unify Windows RT and Windows Phone, will, according to their sources, it us also be available for all devices, including the budget handset Nokia Lumia 520, but some of the features of Windows Phone 9 might be reserved for higher end handsets, such as side by side multi-tasking that will require big screen sizes of Windows Phone.

Mary Jo Foley  is also said that-

[quote]There will be a separate preview of Threshold running on ARM processors, too. My sources are saying the current target date for that preview is January or February 2015. As the ARM-based version of Threshold – which should run on both Windows Phones and tablets — isn’t expected to include the Windows desktop, the focus will be on changes Microsoft is making to the Metro-Style Start screen environment.[/quote]

It means that the upcoming Windows Phone 9 will be raveled at the time of CES or MWC in month of January – Feburary.