Windows Phone 8.1’s Wi-Fi Sense coming to Windows 9 Threshold


According to the one of the  latest reports which claimed that the tech giant Microsoft could be adding one of Windows Phone 8.1’s best features, Wi-Fi Sense, to its  next version of Windows for PCs and laptops, which had a code named Threshold and also be  called Windows 9 by the media.


According to a report in which there is a screenshot which confirms this feature of upcoming Microsoft Windows 9. You will find in the below screenshot, that the Microsoft is putting in Wi-Fi Sense into the OS.  The Windows Phone 8.1 owners can use Wi-Fi Sense to store user names and passwords of public Wi-Fi hotspots, by the help of which they can automatically connect to them on their next visit without any manual typing. The W-Fi Sense feature of the Windows Phone 8.1 OS has also allowed those smartphone owners which have to share their Wi-Fi credentials with others without revealing  their passwords.

This will be the one of the most helpful and important feature of the Windows Threshold operating system user’s (mainly for the tablet user). This is the second Windows Phone 8.1 feature that could be added to Threshold-Windows 9 as the storage management tool Storage Sense was also spotted in this leaked build.

The developer preview variant will be launched at the end of this month, whereas the whole variant of this upcoming window will be revealed at the first quarter of the next year 2015.