Windows Phone 8.1 now backup high resolution Lumia Photos to One Drive

By | May 20, 2014

Nokia Smartphones such as Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 has the ability to take the photos of high resolution with their 20 Megapixel and 41 Megapixel cameras. But these phones have the ability to auto backup the lower resolution photos of 5 MP on to the OneDrive, leaving the high resolution photos which is not good. But now from few weeks if you have noticed Windows Phone 8.1 will now backup  high resolution Lumia photos to One Drive.

How it works

Using Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon you can shoot the dual images, one is of the small 5 MP JPGs and the other is for the larger 16 MP or 34 MP JPGs with Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1020 respectively for re-cropping and other better editing options. Both of these photos are saved to the phone, where the smaller photo is used for the sharing on social networking sites where as the larger one is used for later re-zooming and editing.

In Windows Phone 8.0, if you have enabled auto backup under Settings<<Applications<<photos+camera using Wi-Fi only the smaller photos of the size less than 5 MB are uploaded, but not the larger ones. Those saved 5 MP images are over sampled from the high quality images, but do not save the high resolution JPG’s which is a drawback.


But there is no such problem with Windows Phone 8.1 as there is a “Best Quality” option under the “back up to One Drive”. So, the high resolution photos are now backed up to One Drive camera roll. But, you can’t still auto back up DNG/RAW images to OneDrive.

You can  back up manually by transferring the DNG files to the PC first and then uploading to the One Drive, but not through the phone itself. The DNG files will be of more than 20 MB and the limiting factor here is One Drive doesn’t support the viewing of those files.

As a result of this change the size of the photos of Lumia 1020 will increase from around 4-5 MB to 10-12 MB in size. Although all of you will be having  around 7-10 GB of One Drive storage, notice that these will occupy more space and so keep checking if you saved lot of files to the cloud.

If you don’t want to auto backup the photos to One Drive, you can use the One Drive app to save your photos. But this will save only the low resolution photos but not the high resolution ones.