Windows Phone 8.1 now on 24 percent of devices


Now, according to latest stats the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system is now available across worldwide. The new numbers for the Windows Phone ecosystem were generated by data gathered from 4,496 Windows Phone apps which are running on the AdDuplex’s SDK v.2 on August 25. Still the Windows Phone 8.0 is the most used version of Microsoft’s mobile OS with a 56.5 percent install rate.


The older variant Windows Phone operating system such as 7.x is claiming 19.2 percent, that is actually higher than July’s numbers, but AdDuplex has stated that

“That could be attributed to our efforts to move older apps to the newer version of our SDK, resulting in (a) small influx of users who were not accounted for in the previous versions of this report.”

The budget Lumia 520 smartphone model  is still continuing to be the most used devices with Windows Phone in the world, with AdDuplex’s numbers showing there are 30.2 percent market share. And All other phones are in the single digits, but the recently released Lumia 630 is now numbered eight on the list at 3.5 percent. And the AdDuplex  is also claimed that the Lumia 530, the true successor to the 520, made it on the list in 45th place, but since it just launched earlier this month in a few regions of the globe.


Whereas  the Lumia 520 and the 521 variant especially for the US  make up a whopping 43.9 percent of all Windows Phone use in August but the new Lumia 630 is in the number four position with a 5.3 percent. Recent launched HTC One (M8) for Windows is currently 40th on the US list.