Windows 9 Threshold Coming With Feature Interactive Live Tiles and More


The most awaited operating system from Microsoft, which will be the successor of the Windows 8.1 Operating System, is coming with more feature Interactive Live Tiles  and more. The upcoming  Microsoft Windows 9 has officially codenamed Threshold, has once again come under the spotlight with  some of the reports are  pointing to new features such as interactive live tiles and notification centre, said to be a part of the Modern UI 2.0. Some of the report also claims that the separation of desktop of Modern UI.

Upcoming Windows9

One of the report is also mentioned that the operating system giant Microsoft would modify the Windows 9 to offer different features on different form factors (means depends on the device type i.e. Laptop, hybrid, tablet and PC’s). The ARM-based Windows RT Threshold tablets (as well as smartphones, with the unifying Threshold update) will in most cases barring a few exceptional devices feature the Modern UI only, with no way to switch to the desktop mode or use regular Win32 applications. Whereas the Laptops, desktops and AIOs will offer only the desktop mode, with a new Start Menu the only place where desktop users will be able to interact with the Modern UI and its apps – the Start Menu is also said to be expandable to full screen to become like the Start Screen.

According to one of the website which claims that two new features for the Start Screen and Start Menu such as interactive Live Tiles and a new Notification Centre. The interactive Live Tiles will enable users to perform certain tasks on the app without opening it. The first look of the interactive Live Tile was seen in  the month of April.  The website also said that the Modern UI 2.0 of the Windows Threshold will also a feature which is similar to the Windows Phone 8.1-like Notification Centre. And Cortana might also come with a dedicated Live Tile on the start screen -just like on Windows Phone.

According to the Neowin’s Brad Sams to say that the Microsoft Windows 9 Threshold may be include a button in the Windows Update section to allow users to quickly upgrade their version of Windows, to  make a hassle free process. On the other side, one of a report said that the tech giant Microsoft will be launching the Preview version of the Windows 9 Threshold of the 30th September of this year 2014 and the complete version of this upcoming OS will be available in the first quarter of the next year 2015.