Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ coming with 8K Resolution Support


According to one of the leaked images and reports which claimed that the upcoming Windows 9 (codenamed Threshold) will support the 8K resolution. The report claimed that Some alleged image leaks taken from an early build of Microsoft’s next version of Windows, known as “Threshold” and also by Windows 9 in the media, may show the OS will be able to support 8K resolutions.

Windows 9 8K support

These new image of upcoming Microsoft Windows 9 operating system is leaked and posted on the,  which showed the sizes for the Windows Explorer icon and that will be able to support up to 768 x 768 pixels in Threshold.  And according to another leaked image on the page shows that scaling for the classic apps will need to support up to 240 DPI.

But there is question raise here that the price of the 4K enabled display’s are on early stages and this upcoming Windows OS will able to support the 8K resolution then today display is support 1080p or less then. And if in the case these image leaks are accurate, it would appear that  the tech giant Microsoft is preparing for PC monitors and notebook displays which will have much higher resolutions in the years to come.

Further news and information will comes out the  press event which will held on September 30th in San Francisco US. The Microsoft has already sent out the invitation of this event to press.