Microsoft Windows 9 Preview Coming on September 30

By | August 22, 2014
Upcoming Windows9

The operating system giant Microsoft might be launched the preview version of its upcoming Windows series that is  “Windows 9”  on next month of September. According to one of the latest the tech giant Microsoft has decided to launch the Windows 9 on the 3oth September. The upcoming Operating System of Windows has been already in the News because of its codenamed “Threshold” and some of the leaked images are roaming around over the Internet.

Upcoming Windows9

The Threshold version of Windows is currently in development and Microsoft plans to release a preview version of what will likely be named Windows 9 to developers next month. Some of the reports is also claimed that the next variant of the Windows might be more desktop friendly. And this is also proven by some of the leaked images, in which the Start Menu is returning, but it also carries with the features of the Windows 8 and the Windows 8.1 operating system

The early technology preview will give developers a chance to get their hands on the new mini Start Menu in Windows 9, alongside the removal of the Charms bar feature and several UI changes. More information about this upcoming Windows  OS will be announced in our nearest future and then we will provide the latest information to our reader, untisl then stay connected with us.