Windows 8.2 coming in this autumn


Recently the tech giant and famous operating systems manufacturer have launched the first update of the Windows 8.1 operating system. Now, according to some reports which suggest that Windows 8.2 will be coming in autumn this year.

Windows 8.2 coming in this autumn

According to some rumors that the Microsoft will launch the Windows 8.2 operating system in the second half of this year. After that  they had a plan to launch the next version of Windows operating system that is Windows 9 and a new which is very much similar to the Google Chrome OS that is Windows Cloud OS.

windows 8.1 update

According to the Russian rumors which claims that  the autumn update for desktops and laptops would be on the lines of the Windows 8.1 Update, and might be called Windows 8.1 Update 2 or would be Windows 8.2 OS. The report does not mention that in the upcoming Windows 8.2 OS what are the new feature would be available. But the reports say that the Windows 8.2 OS will be featuring the Start button that Microsoft showed off at its Build conference.

On the other hand the rumored Windows 9 is said to bring the next-generation of the Metro User Interface. The rumors also suggest that the next operating system from Microsoft, which is Windows 9 might be  free. The Operating system master Microsoft has a plan to launch the Microsoft Cloud OS, which is similar to the Chrome OS by Google. The report notifies that the Windows cloud OS will be installed on a system; it will require an Internet connection for full functionality.

Some of the earlier reports have said that the Windows 9 would be launched on the next year 2015 in the month of March or April.