Windows 10’s facial recognition is fool proof, claims Microsoft


One of the countless assets of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating systems has the proficiency to sign in with just your face through a system called Windows Hello. This amazing Bio-metric security system cannot be fooled even by twins. The Online News Organization recruited with the help of The Australian Twins Registry to identify some of the twins who are exactly matched twin pairs, and later they were put in front of the Windows 10 laptops.


To make this Bio-metric Security system work, one needs to have a computer that is fully equipped with Intel’s RealSense 3D technology that comprises of three image technologies: a conventional camera, an infrared camera, and an infrared laser projector. The mishmash of these three technologies allow computers to act more like humans, Intel says.

For the trial process, The Australian found six sets of Identical twins and started to experiment each pair. From each pair, only one was permitted to register his/her face with a Windows 10 system equipped with RealSense Technology. The final step was seeing the other unregistered twin could access his/her face to register on behalf of their sibling’s account.

The Final result : Windows passed with flying colors.

If Windows 10 can differentiate twins it can differentiate anybody very easily. It’s totally astounding, the process was quick and good. This amazing security system will protect from the trespassers to log in systems by defeating this astounding face recognition security system.

The only small concern is that people may try to log in by defeating the log in process via photograph of the owner’s face. For now it is clear that Windows 10 Hello and RealSense technology would be accepting only live faces but still it’s under a confusion stage, where we don’t know how smart it could be about people who look so identical but still not the same.

There are many computers which have access to this bio-metric security technology, maybe this result will inspire more manufacturers to opt for Intel’s RealSense image system and more consumers to opt for Windows 10.

Just Imagine, if a computer that recognizes your face it means you don’t have to type in a password every time to log in.