Windows 10 : Microsoft next Windows Operating System


The Operating System giant Microsoft has officially launched the technical preview of the next Windows Operating system. At the Windows Threshold event Windows head Terry Myerson has announced the latest or next Windows  Operating System for year 2015, Windows 10, which world across all Microsoft platforms, from phones, tablets to PCs.

Earlier their is the rumor is that the next version of Windows will be called as Windows 9, Windows X, Windows TH, Windows Threshold instead of all the Microsoft has officially said the next Microsoft Windows Operating system is Windows 10.


Microsoft said the a slogan one product family, one platform and one store, and Windows Phone fans will notice in the 3 phone-sized devices a new, taller live tile that has been rumored so many times but which has still to see the light of day. There were number of handful of new features has announced  which would liked by you.

On this event the Vice President of Microsoft Belfiore has said that –

[quote]The “Metro” start screen and Microsoft’s traditional Start Menu have been combined; no longer is the screen one huge grid of tiles for desktop users. “The tiles and icons that are shown are a blend of classic apps and new universal apps,” [/quote]