Wikipedia app relaunched on iStore ahead of iOS 8 integration

By | August 1, 2014

Most popular free content internet encyclopedia service Wikipedia app relaunched for iOS with the new native version which features the options to editing and offline mode. The new app came up with some unique features other than browsing through the Wikipedia.

Some important features that come with new updated are

  • Offers the fastest way to get into the content. Some other high rated unofficial apps faces some hurdles when accessing the content when downloading the content. The official app doesn’t face this problem.
  • Unlike the other unofficial apps, edit option come with this new app. You can log out of it if you choose.
  • Wikipedia Zero is available for the emerging and developing economies and if you are from those countries you can use Wikipedia for free.


Wikipedia has shared some other important features

  • Speed : The new updated native app lets the users to browse and edit Wikipedia faster than befire on the mobile devices.
  • Recent Pages : Now readers are provided the reading history, tap as many taps without getting lost as before.
  • Editing : New app offers the option to edit Wikipedia articles on the app.
  • Saved Pages : Provides the option to save the selected pages for the offline reading and can browse them when you are travelling in plane, on read or anywhere in the world without having internet connection.
  • Wikipedia Zero : Wikipedia have tied up with mobile network providers around the globe to offer the Wikipedia free of cost to users especcially in the developing nations.
  • Language Support : The new app now allows the seamless conversion to reading the Wikipedia articles written in another language.

The latest version of Wikipedia is the native re-launch as the foundation behind it has offered the basic app for many years.

Download Wikipedia for iOS.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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