Wi-Fi mouse Pro : Control your PC from Android Smartphone

By | August 4, 2014

Wi-Fi Mouse Pro is a new kind of Android app which allow you to control the Mac or Windows PC using your Android Smartphone. Now you can use your Android phone just like the mouse plugged into your PC. This app not just offers the mouse control but also media control, slide controls for presentation and simple browser buttons. Wi-Fi Mouse Pro can also turn your Android device into wireless touchpad for your computer and offers the support for multi-touch gestures and more.



Setting up Wi-Fi Pro app is not a difficult task and at the same time it is not easy either. First download Wi-Fi Mouse pro from the Google Play Store and download the mouse server for the Windows or Mac PC. After installing the app on your Android and server app on PC, open the app on your Android Phone and connect both the devices together.

After connecting them, just go into the app on Android device and move your finger around the screen as you just do on the laptop touchpad. You will find blue trails in the app which show up where you move it and the right and left click will be found on either side of the scroll wheel.

The touchpad was very quick and you can’t find the predictable lag there. It works good on high speed Wi-Fi networks. It includes the other features like web browser controls and media controls and make app’ case for those with the media center PCs. It also contains the voice-to-text feature as well, which let you to speak and search your PC from your smartphone.

Gestures like two-finger scroll, pinch-to-zoom works to resize the windows and zoom the images and you can even use the gestures like four-fingers too.

                                                                                      Download Wi-Fi Pro

                  Download Mouse server for Windows and Mac

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