Whistle Phone Finder – just whistle and find your phone


The most obvious thing to do when we can’t find the phone is to give it a call. But this might won’t work if you are alone and have only on phone, or if your handset is in silent mode. Before you start to searching your steps over the town, check to see if your device is nearby—it could have just fallen down the side of the chair or it could be inside the couch.

Whistle Phone Finder

Whistle Phone Finder is a free app for Android smartphone users that transforms your handset into a modern version of a whistle-activated key-ring. It can be installed on any Android running version 2.3 or above—no root access required—and will assist to connect you with your handset in a musical way.

Grab the app and test the Whistle Phone Finder option, and then change the Whistle Sensitivity according to your whistle, at first the sensitivity should be off—you may need to do some experiment with this to see what works best—and then choose a sound. It’s a good idea to Use High Audio Volume option that makes your phone easier to listen and respond.

Key Features of Whistle Phone Finder

  • Turn off sound notification by unlocking the screen
  • Runs in background and utilizes less power
  • Eye catchy Graphic User Interface
  • Once activated than no need to check again
  • 20 different sounds to select
  • Customize your tone from media play list

Even in sleep mode also this app will be active. Whenever you need to locate your phone, just whistle and your selected sound will be played back at you through your device. Also it does not matter if your phone is in silent mode or not, the app will still work as is it.

Keep in mind that in order for Whistle Phone Finder to work you need to be relatively near your phone—at least in the same room. I had some problems when testing it in loud environments, but to help find out whether your phone is in the car or down the side of the sofa, it’s perfect!

Make sure that the app you are using find your app should be relatively near to you at least in a room so that your phone can hear your whistle. Some problem may happens when you try this in laud environments, but this app works extremely well if your phone is in car or down the side of that sofa or even under the couch.

If this seems an interesting to use then just click on the download link to go to the Play Store and grab on your device as soon as you can hit the link below:

Play Store Download Link!