Whatsapp returns on Windows Store After Two weeks

By | June 2, 2014

The instant messaging app Whatsapp is come back to the Windows Phone Store. The multi-platform instant messaging app WhatsApp quietly pulled a Houdini on the Windows Phone Store nearly two weeks ago, when it was taken off the store because of some technical issues.

The existing WhatsApp users do not have a problem with the app working, but the new users and those users who are uninstall the app and now wanted to sign-up for the app, they will get a message that- “We couldn’t find a match. Try a different spelling or search term”. The app is unavailable in the store for last two weeks.


On the last Friday, the Joe Belfiore, who is the head of the Windows Phone/Tablet/PC product definition & design team has tweeted that ‘WhatsApp is back. Happy Weekend’. He also posted the tweet along with the download link to the app from the Windows Phone Store, which shows May 30 as the last update.


According to  some of the  reports, the problem was with update 3 for the Windows Phone 8 rather than the WhatsApp app itself. The re-launched app has come with some of the new features, that includes the  chat backgrounds, custom notification tones (requires update 3 for Windows Phone 8), broadcast lists, media auto download, privacy settings is improved with better usages and bug fixes and some more updates which makes the app better.