Whatsapp Desktop App now available for Mac and Windows


Days after the rumors of Whatsapp working on building a standalone desktop app surfaced online, the official announcement has confirmed the development. The announcement was made just a couple of hours ago, which said that Whatsapp will now be available as standalone app for Windows and Mac users. The latest news comes after 15 months of launching the web app.

In the announcement, Facebook, the parent company of whatsapp stated that there will be not much of a difference between the web app and the desktop application. So, for the people who have been using the web based version of whatsapp, the experience is not going to be any different. The app will work more as an extension to the version on the smartphone and all the messages will be synced between devices.

Over the years, Whatsapp has seen a great amount of traction building in developing countries because of the explosive mobile penetration. Countries like India, Brazil, South Africa account for over 40% of the total Whatsapp users. However, having a desktop will be very much handy to the users using whatsapp for professional purposes and it will prevent users from opening another windows in the browser at all time for communicating.

The announcement also stated that Whatsapp was looking to build revenue sources and right now, it is targeting B2C accounts. The messaging app was once started as a 99 cents per year subscription service, however, it was taken off to lure the customers in various countries.