WhatsApp beta extends support for Android wear


A beta update for the insanely popular WhatsApp messenger for Android smartphone has been rolled out with official support for Android Wear, extending its smart watch capabilities beyond just clearing and viewing notifications. Apart from this,  they have also included in the update which are complete preview of received messages, stacked notifications and, most highlighted, the ability to reply to messages with voice.

Whatsapp can differ in prominence depending upon where you live. Withing my range of buddies (and many of their circle), Whatsapp is almost incredible. For some, in any case, it might be a completely necessity. Surprisingly, more than 500,000,000 people are frequent user of this giant messaging service. As is told earlier, the main highlight of this update is the service has now reached out to Google Android wear, a Google’s wrist platform.

WhatsApp beta
Stacked notifications let you to see more than one WhatsApp notifications stacked one over another on your Android smart watch and will allow you see more by tapping the “+1 more” icon on the watch’s display. The update also lets you to see a complete preview of the text you receive, rather than just a simply notification allowing you know that you have got one. Finally, the update offers the feature to edict replies to messages right from the wrist.

Right now, the app is not available on Play Store with the updated one, if you want to get right on your device then you might have to go through the official WhatsApp website to get the latest version 2.11.318