WhatsApp Android app updated : Apk file available for download

By | April 28, 2014

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app has released an update for Android. It has started rolling out the latest update for the latest Android devices. The updated version of the app has not still listed on the Google Play Store in India. This update is mainly focusing on the quicker image sharing feature and changes to group messaging feature.

As per the sources the latest WhatsApp version 2.11.230 for Android, has now extended the mute time of groups from the already existing options from 8 hours, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year and even for up to 1 century. Now the users can completely able to deactivate the group notifications.


Till now the WhatsApp users have been receiving the silent notifications from the muted group, but the latest update’s has brought ‘show notification’ feature which would disable them completely and it will not show them in the smartphone’s notification tray.

Another amazing tweak is the latest WhatsApp version also incorporates a new camera icon beside to the voice-message icon. It helps the user to click and share the pics easily. When you tap on the camera icon it leads you directly to the phone’s camera and it is very now to click and share the photos. This feature makes the sharing the photos simple and easy. This feature may avoid the long process of going to the attachments icon and then using the camera icon in it.

WhatsApp has previously released the update on last month and the previous version is WhatsApp 2.11.186 and this update has brought the privacy settings to the Android devices running on V2.1 or higher.

As the latest update is still not available in the Play Store you can download an apk file directly from the WhatsApp official website.As you download it from the WhatsApp official website, it is not harmful to the device and you will not face any errors.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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