What is Tethering and How it actually Works


A Smartphone’s small screen is not as good as a tablet’s screen or laptop’s for browsing the web or video streaming from Netflix, YouTube though. The good news is that it is possible to use your smart phone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, and allow its data connection with your Wi-Fi-only tablet or PC.

The method of sharing internet to other enabled device is called tethering and many smart phones offers this feature, including BlackBerrys, iPhones, Windows Phones and, of course, Android running handsets as well.

Mobile HotspotWhat is Tethering and How it actually Works

In other words, Tethering is nothing but a method to share the internet, when you turn on your smart phone into a mobile portable Wi-Fi hotspot to share device’s 3G/4G data connection to another device. Once you have turned the tethering on, any device with enabled wireless connection can connect to the internet via your smart phone’s connection. One more thing, without the password you cannot share your internet data, so this is secure as well to work with.

The Android smart phone uses this option as mobile tethering otherwise in different platform they use different name but all works same. ‘Tethering‘ means the same thing, no matter what Smartphone OS you are using. The only difference is how you enable it on each platform.

Not all the smart phone support tethering, but some of the high-end smart phone such as Lumia 920, Galaxy S3, Xperia Z do support tethering. If your device’s tethering is giving error or having difficulties setting up these things you must check whether the data tariff you are using allows tethering before using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot or not. In some cases, the mobile operator prevents the option from appearing on your handset. Sometimes due to hardware issues, devices give error messages.

If you are wondering how tethering works on your phone, then you must read the following to get a complete idea of its working method.

How Tethering actually works

In simple words, the process requires enabling the hotspot option on your smart phone, setting up wireless security with a Password to prevent other people to use your data on your connection, then connecting your tablet or PC to the wireless network just as you do with any hotspot.

You will have to enter the password the first time when you try to connect, but soon after the next time your tablet or PC will connect automatically until you change the tethering password, your tablet should connect automatically. It is the same method if you are using a MiFi dongle.

Drawbacks of tethering

If someone is in need and want internet, at that situation you can share by creating hotspot without any seconds thought to help him/her, but if it is about sharing always then I believe it is not safe at all. As I told tethering means sharing data connection not the broadband line such as via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Sometimes due to weak or shared data connection, avoid downloading app updates and any other large data files on 3G, your tablet could assume that’s perfectly fine, to get rid of it, either disable the automatic update or use any app to keep your eyes how much data is being used.

Wi-Fi hotspot consumes more batter than usual, so if tries to disable it when you are not using this.