What is niche eCommerce business


With the increase in the usage of internet most of the people are shopping online instead of going to brick and mortar store. From few years eCommerce stores are has became the alternative for brick and  mortar store and emerged as the great place to get exactly what you want, where you want and when you want it. eCommerce offers the flexibility in shopping and in an eCommerce store you can get wide range of products when compared to the brick and mortar store.


Niche eCommerce

Niche eCommerce site is nothing but the site selling the unique products. For example there are some website which are only into fashion, some websites which are only into electronic goods and more. Niche eCommerce is the emerging trend in the market and especially in the markets like India niche eCommerce is in the starting phase. Niche sites can attract the specific customers who are looking for particular category of goods.


The best eCommerce sites carve out of a niche in the industry and make sure the sites to connect with the customers in the unique way. Here I am listing the best five eCommerce companies which succeeded in the niche eCommerce sector.

1. Myntra.com

Myntra.com is most popular Indian eCommerce store, headquartered in Bangalore. It is founded by Mukesh Bansal, Asutosh Lawania, and Vineet Saxena in 2007. It is a kind of niche eCommerce store mainly focused on fashion and beauty products. it has joined the hands with the top fashion brands like John Miller, Lee, Indigo Nation, Wrangler and more. It also has the wide range of fitness and sports merchandise stocks from Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Puma and more.

Currently Myntra is one of the leading fashion store in Indian eCommerce segment and recently it has been acquired by Flipkart. It business model is based on procuring the current season merchandise of various brands and make them available in the portal at the same time.

2. Lot18

It is the New York based niche eCommerce business focused on Food and Wine. It was founded in October 2010 by Philip J.K. James. In the beginning the company focused on providing the access only to smaller and lesser known wine producers. It provides service only to the membership holders and this website specializes in top-tier wines, sumptuous culinary experiences and gourmet food.

The company has the team of experts who works with the wine makers, food producers and the hospitality around the globe to offer the personalized high end offers to the customers.

3. Protocentral

It is the new player into the eCommerce business based in Bangalore, India. It is a kind of niche eCommerce business focused on electronic kits and boards. It is the retail and eCommerce division of the Circuitects Electronic solutions pvt.ltd. This company is the leading solution provider in defence, biomedical and retail markets.

Protocentral is the leading eCommerce site in supplying electronic kits and boards. Electronics kits is the most rare and unique kind of eCommerce business.

4. Crowd Seats

CrowdSeats.com  is the another niche eCommerce company headquartered in Los Angles. This niche eCommerce site is focused on sports merchandise. It is launched in 2011 and it is the first flash deals site for professional and collegiate sports events and goods around United States.

Its business model depends on selling the sports events tickets and the genuine sports goods. It purchases the excess inventory from the teams and brokers and sell them online to the customers. It sells more than 500 tickets every week for 50-90% of the face value. It doesn’t charge convenience charges or processing fees and the ticket holders can cash in on the Groupon style discounts via friend referrals.

5. RedBus

Redbus.in the biggest online ticketing company in India. This is also a niche eCommerce company focused on booking the bus tickets online. Till July 2012 it has sold over 10 million bus tickets and it has more than 2 million registered users and is rapidly approaching the $200 million Gross Merchandise Value mark. Currently there are more than 750 million employees are working in this company and is the most successful niche eCommerce site in India.