Wena Wrist featuring a hi-tech strap looks like a premium watch

By | September 7, 2015


At the IFA 2015, Sony mentioned about the Wena wrist watch at the end. Wena Wrist is a crowdfunded Sony smartwatch, which is very impressive, as it looks like an standard premium watch rather than smartwatch.

Wena Wrist is a very good looking wrist watch with an analog dial on its display. This watch is not like all other high profile smartwatches, as the watch itself looks dumb normal watch, but its main features lies in the strap.

Designed by Wena Team and manufactured by Citizen, its metallic strap features an NFC chip for mobile payments, a wireless module, and a pedometer for tracking activity along with haptic feedback for notifications. The device lights up and vibrate whenever there is a notification on your smartphones.

Currently, this project smartwatch with an impressive prototype is still in early stages of development. This device does not intend to take on all the other smartwatches in the market, though it is a very good watch, which can do more than just telling time.

Its iOS app is also not very good, but it is being worked on to improve. The company is planning its launch sometime next year in Japan and later at other international markets.