WeMail makes email similar to Instant messaging

By | November 23, 2014


Startups which have tried to reimagine email for mobile devices now seems almost as large as number of unread emails many people probably have in their email apps such as Boxer, Mailbox, Inbox, Cannonball, Tipbit and more. Coming to the WeMail, it is the new email app available only for the Android devices currently, seems to like just another email app available to the above list.

Phil Yuen, co-founder of WeMail, said in an interview that, “What we have noticed is that email today was no different than email 10 years ago”. If this statement founds similar, it is because that’s pretty much what the every email founder says.

Here are the factors that makes WeMail stand out from the crowd, however is the execution, rather than organize the emails by categories, but this mail service organizes messages by people. When you see Inbox in this email client, you will find the messages organized in the standard reverse chronological order, but the mails are bundled together by the sender. If you tap on down arrow which is present next to subject line of message, you can see the drop down other email from that sender.

Yuen says that, “We want to organize your email in a way which makes sense on your mobile device. And that to us it is organizing it around the sender”. In addition to novel inbox, WeMail allows you to quickly respond to emails by sending and recording short voice messages and search through inbox by senders name or attachments. If  both the parties are using this app, recipient can actually see the response when email is typed out.

It has announced on Tuesday that it has raised over $1 million in funding from the notable investors including Scribd, Twitch, Reddit and Flurry. Yuen and his co founder Gerald sold their previous startups to Zynga and Amazon. Perhaps some suction for Startups like WeMail is just what it takes for the bigger players in email space to finally get the message.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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