WeChat adds new recall message feature for Android and iOS


WeChat is the most popular instant messaging app only next to WhatsApp. Today, WeChat has introduced the new feature whicch allows the users to recall the last messages which are sent through the mobile apps on Android Smartphones and iPhone. But there is a time limit for this feature, the messages are unsend within just two minutes after they are sent.


So, this feature help you to call back the wrong messages. For example if you want to send message to Mr.X but by mistake, you have sent it to Mr.Y then this feature helps you to recall that message. Lets see here how to recall the sent messages. To call back the messages, you need to just tap on the message and select the recall option and the messages will be disappeared from your chat screen and from the recipient’s inbox.

This feature supports recalling both the texts and photos. Along with this the update 5.3.1 also brings the Tags for contacts feature which allow you to manage your contacts. Now you can add the tags like colleagues, Best friends and Family in order to find the contacts easily. The latest update also brings the feature which allows you to save the messages in single package and so that you cna view them quickly without need to browse through the messages individually.

Long press on the multiple messages and tap on the ‘favorite message’ icon to save them. The latest update also brings the clean and fresh UI which allows the easy sliding between the favorite features and effortlessly use the upgraded search bar. In the recent update WeChat has added the real time location sharing and message translation to the Android app.

Update WeChat for Android from here and for iPhone from here.