WebDrive Android App: Brings all cloud services together for easy use

By | May 14, 2014

Webdrive Android app is the premier cloud storage access and file transfer tool which makes it easy for the users those who stored different files on different cloud storage services. Webdrive lets you access to all your files on your storage servers and cloud services in one easy interface. It brings all the files stored in cloud services like Dropbox, Google drive, Amazon S3 or any other cloud service regardless of whether you use it or not.

Now have all your important business files at your finger tips from SFTP, FTP, WebDAV and share point servers. It provides the connectivity to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Secure FTP servers, Legacy FTP servers, SFTP servers, Share point servers and WebDAV and Secure WebDAV servers. No need to worry about the security, it offers the secure transfers using SSH, SSL and TLS.


  • Offers built in support for the popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Files Anywhere, Sharepoint and Amazon S3.
  • Provides support for the industry standard protocols such as FTP, Secure FTP, WebDAV and Secure WebDAV.
  • Using WebDrive you can now access the files over 2 GB, so it now eliminates the frustration of accessing the large files.
  • You can prompt for the password and secure your data, if your device is stolen.
  • No need to worry about the battery life, because it uses the HTTP keep alive support and protects the battery life and bandwidth for WebDAV/HTTP based users.


How to use

  • Download WebDrive app form Google Play Store and set up all your cloud storage accounts and they can be accessed through built-in file browser.
  • It is very easy to add any type of supported storage account or server form the settings menu.

WebDrive is the simple and easiest way to access all your files on all cloud storage services. Webdrive is the very good choice for those who move move the files and it looks great on smartphones and lets you look at your files on the move. It is very nice to see all your important files at one place.

Download WebDrive.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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