How to watch Live sports on Android phone

By | July 7, 2014

If you loved to watch the sports and you would have probably wondered whether you can stream the ongoing live match on your device. It would be more convenient if you watch your favorite football match from anywhere in the world. You would also like the apps which don’t ask for the payments and also you wouldn’t have to deal with the annoying regional rights.

There are many apps to view the live streaming sports on your Android phone. This article clearly explains how to watch the live matches on your Android smartphone.


How to watch Live sports on Android phone

First check for the flash player in your Android phone, if you not have then install it. Check which flash player to be installed for the existing Android version of your smartphone. Then make sure that you have installed Dolphin browser and Dolphin Jetpack on your Android device.

After completing all this, you need to enable flash on your Dolphin browser. To do this follow the instructions, Go to settings>Web content>flash player>tap on ON. Now you can access the websites which displays the flash content. After doing this now you can stream the live football, tennis, cricket matches on your smartphone. Now go to the Vipbox website and here you can choose which matches you want to see like FIFA, cricket, tennis and more.

After selecting the sport which you want to watch it will take sometime to manage to remove all the ads from the page. After removing the ads from the page you can watch out your favorite sports event.

Download Dolphin Browser from here.

Download Dolphin Jetpack.


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